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Why No Home Visits - Prior to Selecting My New Puppy....

Why No Home Visits Prior to Selecting My New Puppy


The tradition of coming to a breeder’s home to choose a puppy is one that some people still think exists.
The world has changed and so has this practice.

We are not a commercial puppy store where you can play and explore each available puppy. This is our home where we live to raise and socialize each puppy and get them ready for their new families.

Number one reason we do not allow visits is to bring strangers into our home for our own family’s safety.
The world has changed and personal safety is always first.

Second reason is that every stranger that wants to come visit tracks in different germs and bacteria on their hands and shoes, then proceeds to touch and handle our puppies, making them susceptible to sickness and disease along with cross contamination to each litter. The age that our puppies become available to you to take home are between 8-10 weeks and not 16 weeks like a commercial puppy store. This also changes the timing of their shots as puppies have low immune systems (just like Human babies) and need to build their immune levels up with a series of multiple vaccinations. First shots are given between 7-8 weeks and health certificate with vet exam is at 8-10 weeks for release of each and every puppy. Some puppies may need additional time. Imagine being exposed to all of the above before someone even chooses a puppy and then they change their mind! We always put the value of our puppies’ health and well being first, so please understand these are the reasons why we don’t allow visits.

We love to be as transparent as possible hence the reason why we take multiple time-lapsed pictures and videos of each puppy for you to see.
When available, we are happy to send videosor FaceTime with you. Each puppy comes pre-spoiled with lots of love and affection.
When they are ready to be released, they are healthy and ready for their new adventures with an accompanied Florida Health Certificate as well as Health Guarantee posted on our website.

Thank you for understanding and allowing us to give each puppy the proper chance they deserve at the start of their new life!




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